New Mortgage Customers

New Mortgage Customers

If you recently received a notification that your loan has been transferred to Seneca Mortgage Servicing LLC, welcome! Please be on the lookout, as a Welcome Package from Seneca will be mailed within 15 days of the effective date in the Notice of Transfer letter.

Seneca’s Welcome Package will introduce you to Seneca Mortgage Servicing and answer any questions you may have now that your loan is being serviced by us.

In the meantime, please feel free to explore our web site to learn more about Seneca Mortgage Servicing. We look forward to servicing your mortgage loan.

If you are a new customer to Seneca Mortgage Servicing unable to obtain your loan information via our customer service number, your payoff request can be emailed to

About Your Loan Transfer

What to Expect

Your loan information and payment options will be available to view online three-to-five business days after the loan transfer date from your previous servicer. Once the transfer period is complete, you can register on Seneca Customer Connection to manage your account. Please note that until the transfer period is complete, you will not be able to register on the system and view your account information online.

Terms of Your Loan

The transfer of your loan to Seneca does not affect the terms and conditions of your loan. The interest rate, monthly payment and terms will not change as a result of the transfer of service.

Automatic Draft/Debit (ACH) Setup

Important information about your Automatic Draft Service can be found in your Welcome Packet.

The Notice of Transfer from your previous servicer notifies you that automatic payment drafting is NOT transferring. We will include a form in the welcome package that you can complete and return to reactivate this convenient service with Seneca.

If you have monthly recurring payments set up with your personal bank, payment should be sent to:

Seneca Mortgage Servicing LLC
PO Box 660842
Dallas, TX 75266-0842

Escrow Account Information

If your loan is escrowed for taxes and/or homeowners insurance and these annual amounts are due during the transfer period, your previous servicer will make these payments on your behalf, or Seneca will make any trailing disbursements within the first two weeks of your loan boarding our system.

Interim Payment Option

If you know your loan number and would like to make a payment immediately, you can pay by mail. Please include your loan number on the check and send to:

Seneca Mortgage Servicing LLC
PO Box 660842
Dallas, TX 75266-0842

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